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I left that crappy campgrounds and for the first time, and last time the mosquitoes were annoying me. Trying to pack up and they were just every where. I hurried up and got everything packed up and off I went. I took the long way back into Anchorage. First I had to go over Hatchers Pass, it was on my list of must do`s. Hatchers Pass was very awsome. The views were tremendous. This is another must for anyone going to Alaska!

Has I was flying along somewhere near the top of Hatchers Pass, I saw something pass me on my left. What the hell is that? It was a huge metal basket and it was about ten feet off my left side. What the heck? It was a helicopter carring a metal basket and it soon landed (dropped the basket next to a huge radio tower) and flew off. I`m kinda freaked out about that because I thought it was too close for comfort. Sorry, I didn`t have my camera ready for that one either.
When I got to the end of Hatchers Pass there was a break in the trees and I got a view that made me crap myself. Yes, Mt McKinnley, the full monty.

I wish I was in closer to Talkeetna, otherwise I would have done one of those flight seeing tours. I had my chance a few days earlier, but the mtn was socked in. I have no time to waste. I got a long ways to go and things to see.
I went back to Anchorage and stopped off at AK Riders and I had them go over my bike, top the oil and kick the tires while I relieved myself and my luggage. I think I was carrying way too much stuff. I didn`t need an extra set of cloths and etc, etc. I only got three days left anyhow. I got finshed with all that and the next thing I know, my bike is taking me into Seward,AK.
Oh man, was it cold and wet out that day. Jeez. I broke down and decided to get me one of those $140 a night hotels. I must admit, it was a real nice place and it had a great view.

Across the street there at Ray`s. I had my first real seafood dinner (does Long John Silvers count?), I had a halibit dinner. That was really, really good. I`m still thinking about it. I woke up in the morning and looked out my window and I see that during the night a cruise ship came in and docked.
None of the less, Seward.AK has got to be one of the most scenic town I ever seen. Very beautifull. Too bad it doesn`t have the Homer Spit style camping.
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Renting Alaska:

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