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Great googlie mooglie!! A lot of activity for my simple little question. Cool!

Let's see if I can add some details. However, might all be moot as the snazzy scabbard on logg rider's DRZ looks like it'll work just fine for me.

Basically, instead of packing one of my handguns I wanted to see if I could drag my .22 plinker with me every now and then. I can't count the number of places I've ridden to / through that would be great areas for shooting. However, the areas are not citified SUV accessible. Luckily out here in the wide open desert, you can legally shoot just about anywhere once you're out of the city.

Was just curious. Now I have plenty of ideas & leads to go on.

Thanks for all the great replies. Will have to see if I can rig something up.
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