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You may be in deep doo doo Andy.... but you get one "last chance" to find out.

The "V-seal" is the only seal that is easily accessible from outside the engine... everything else (except maybe the kicker shaft seal) requires splitting the cases.
There is a seal... #9 in the diagram that is pressed into the end of the kicker shaft that you may be able to get out... but if you scar up one or both of the shafts doing it, you are screw'd for sure.

#9 54632090000 SEAL RING DH/GR 12x19x3

This is your last chance.

Pull the shifter off and pull the V-seal off.
Now, spray the #9 seal preferably with silicone spray or some other light oil that is kind to rubber parts.
The idea here is to clean, flush out and clear the area around the kicker shaft seal, shafts and face of the kicker.
Spray from the seal area out, to flush out the seal lip and to flush away grit from the seal.

All clean and lubed up?
You can see the greenish blue colored shift shaft seal? Good.
The seal looks to be in good shape? More gooder yet still.

Now... either buy a new V-seal or clean the old one, again with a rubber friendly spray product. I like silicone because it tends to restore rubber seals that are a bit dry from age.

Now that everything is clean, grit free and well lubed, put it all back together and go for a ride.

Did it stop leaking? Yes?
Is it still leaking? Yes? You are screwed and will have to split the cases.

Told ya'... last chance.

Best 'O luck,
So... how's tricks?
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