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Originally Posted by Zagh
...I couldn agree more with the one saying that this is a bike forum...
there's no room for politics... even more if who speaks about it has a tank bag tied
in front of his eyes and only sees what's immediately in front of its dazzled eyes...

...but don't see the humungus vacuum hose that america has put over all south american
countries to suck -all what's possible- on a sistematic basis to satiate an out of
this world amount of hunger of everything... -at the best possible deal, which is
always a bargain (why a certain piece of work done in america costs 1/10th in every
other -third world- country...?)... can u imagine why...? Just THINK...

...every mexican -or whoever- third world person going to your health system
represents only a millionth part of what the entire -third- world is been privated of
via local corrupted politicians (needless to say who those guys are supported by,
right)... remember ENRON? a little homy taste of what happens down here all the
time... if you are intelligent should assume that as a sort of payback that you really
owe to the entire -third- world...

...every average person with an average education and criteria can see this obvious

...get your bike and TRAVEL... go south and see for yourself... after all this has to
be said... to get some on-topic criteria
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