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Originally Posted by GaM
Here's mine before that nasty little side panel melt incident. I'm going to ride it one of these days. This is my second Husky, I had a 360 back in the 70's, I got it right seeing “Malcom Smith...a lone dust cloud across Lake Chapala” in On Any Sunday. I've had oil conundrums with this bike. I drained the oil to torque the counterbalancer nut and it was then that I found out 10w-60 wasn't available down at the Quikie Mart. So I post about this and scfrank says just use 20w-50. I'm ok with that...for a while, and then I start thinking that was really thick oil coming out that thing, I think I'll just order the 10W-60. So while waiting for the royal oil shipment (motorex $12.75 per quart) I take the KLX to Highland Park Resort for some trail riding, and while perusing their shop I spy this Belray 20W-50, and decide I will just put that in and start riding. Before I get around to putting it in, the royal oil arrives. I decide to put the Belray in anyway and I then notice that it is semi synthetic..isn't there something about not using synthetic oil to break in a bike? So I say to hell with the royal oil and the belray, I'm going to buy some plain ole 4 stroke 20w-50. I ask the guy at the Kawasaki Shop if he has some petroleum based 20w-50, he says yeah, so I say give me three quarts. I've just opened the sack to see what I bought. It appears that I have purchased Twin Power multigrade 20w-50 FOR HARLEY DAVIDSONS.
I also lost one of the sets of keys, so I went down to the local lock, safe, and key shop to see about duplicates. The counter guy say's “What is that?”. I start explaining what it is and all the other employees come around the counter to stare at the key. The oldest guy scratches his ass and says “It looks like a key for the glove box on a '75 Fiat, bring your bike over here so I can see the lock and might be able to cut you one with some hand filing”.
I am going to put the Harley oil in my Husky and ease on down to Hooters for some wings, and hope I don't get drunk and lose my keys.

Nice story,
I too had the oil dilemma's as this is my first bike making it even worse if that's possible. I changed mine early and at 3200 miles with a fresh oil change I think I am starting to relax a bit ...I can't wait to get an aftermarket tank and do away with the damn key.

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