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I put Motorex in mine, 10W-50, semi-syn. After 500 miles. I use it in my other bike, a Tuono, and the shifting was much better ! Smoothed out the tranny in the Husky also, not that there was a problem before.

Hell, I'm no oil expert, just easy with free advice. In normal riding I wouldn't think the extra 10 points at the high end will matter that much.

I love my TE-610, will like it better after I can quit taking the carb apart to get the jetting right ! Next bike will be fuel injected.

I may try Jim's advice next, but it seems lean to me.
I'm at a 42 pilot, 170 main and a red JD needle from a KTM kit in I think the 4th from top clip slot, 1.5 out on the fuel screw and just under 1 sec. of AP squirt if that helps. (Thanks Jim !)

Other folks are at 180 main, but they are usually the SM version, which shouldn't be any different, I don't know.

Guess I just have to do trial and error until it runs good. One change at a time.

It's a great topic for discussion, but the participants need to act mature.
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