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Removing Emissions Stuff from TE/SM610

Here is some stuff I posted at Huskytalk for removal of emissions stuff from the 610:
  1. Disconnect the carb vent lines/fuel lines and remove the tank and the headlight unit.
  2. Take a look at what goes where... where the hoses go.
  3. Remove the manifold that is zip tied by the ignition switch
  4. Remove the small cannister attached to the lower triple
  5. Disconnect the hoses that connect to the pink carb vent lines and reroute the vent hoses
  6. Disconnect the hose from the nipple on the intake side of the head, near the carb boot and plug it up with an automotive vacuum plug
  7. Remove the large cannister and attached hoses.
  8. Install one of those little aluminum no spill fuel vent fittings to the top fuel vent nipple on the tank.
  9. Reinstall the tank and headlight and you're good to go. Don't forget to plug the nipple on the side of the head. It is a vacuum line and will suck air otherwise.
I routed the top carb vent lines to a location under the seat and used one of the left over T fittings to connect the lower carb vent hoses (not the carb bowl drain line) and installed a filter and one way valve to keep crap out of the carb. Also rerouted the crankcase vent from the airbox, plugged the hole left in the airbox and capped of the vent hose with a K and N vent filter. Took about 30 minutes to do in total.
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