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Originally Posted by Ub3rRid3r
I guess what it is that gets me so fired up is that after owning and riding a KTM 300, a Transalp, and a DR 650 over the years, I've always lusted for the perfect synthesis of these (and other) machines...snip...
Well, in another thread, I likened my SE to my friend Walter's Transalp, just a modern version of a decent V-twin dual sport. I think the engineers at KTM did a pretty good job of putting everything they could in this package. Remember, though, that a Dual Sport is always a compromise of sorts. If it can ride long distances, it's going to be a little heavier then the craftman's tool that a RFS racing engined enduro is going to be.

And be patient for those action shots. Some of us have just gotten this bike, and we have to break it in, get used to the weight, and then go thrash it. I've already dropped mine at 30 mph in a mud hole, and pictures are on the way. Damage was minimal. A little scratched vinyl. The beauty of this bike is that it was meant to be crashed. Plastic body panels and gas tank, with vinyl panels on all the contact surfaces, that are easily replaced. NO PAINT!

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