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Well, I've now tried 6 or 7 times to get my tyre off using this method but have failed at each attempt. Like Ktmnate, I have the bike balancing on the front wheel and sidestand with the centre stand off the ground. Sidestand is pushed under the wheel rim so it's as close to the edge of the tyre as possible. Plenty of WD40 squirted in the gap between tyre and rim. Valve removed and valve locknut slack.

I've read all the threads I can find on this but still cannot break the bead. Does anyone have an idea of what I must still be doing wrong?

Unlike some of you here I won't be left stranded 100 miles from the nearest road but I would like to be able to mend my own punctures on the side of the road rather than wait hours for a breakdown truck which probably can only mend tubeless tyres anyway.

On a positive note, I can remove and refit my rear wheel in record time after all this practice!
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