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Ah sweetness! You are all very lucky to be in a position to already enjoy what the SE be bringin. Doc, the Transalp was an alltime fav of mine. I started learning about the Euro style dual-sport/Dakar'esque machines in the late 80's early 90's. As you know, we haven't had pick of the run in that particular market segment here in North America until recently. Back in the day the Dakar GS (rare) and the Transalp (just as rare) were about it. I've always had a boner for V-Twins, so the TA was a no-brainer. One day I finally found one. She was top notch on fire-roads (we call em logging roads in BC), decent on-road, and after I was comfortable with her and had her shod with Maxxis 6006's, I very decidedly took that TA where I likely shouldn't have, many times over. My dirt bike skills saved the day often. The KTM SE seems like what I always wished my TA was, with a little 300EXC thrown in for good measure (beefed up forks, risers, etc.) In the end, I sold it because it wasn't quite enough road bike or dirt bike. I have toyed with the idea of owning an Adventure 950, but always found myself reading articles and posts about desert racing one at 100+ mph. Consequently, I reasoned that the abilities that that particular machine offers would find it lacking for the 'ultra long-haul' trips that I want to pursue (I got unfinished business from Costa Rica, south), and also slightly in the 'pure off-road' discipline. I realize it's no slouch when it comes to off-roading in the right hands, but you know...the SE really seems to fit the bill. I'm sure there will be a large tank available soon, as far as that goes. Anyways, enjoy your Uber Enduros! Get those crazy action shots as they come. I know the camera isn't always first priority when a fellow is out ripping, but set up a few shots for us poor sods that aren't quite in the market for one just yet. Deal? Ride on...
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