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i can tell you have NEVER changed a 950 rear tire!!!!

just read this funny quote,,,i'll try and dissect it,,,

Originally Posted by idahoskiguy
The tires on the 950 are no harder to change than any other stuff walled off road tire on any other bike,
they are not easy.

you're right,,,they are HARDER!!!!

If you have not done this in the past get someone to show you how and have the correct tools.

i'm ALL ears,,as well as alot of the rest of us

It is something you should know how it do, and practice will give you the confidence to perform the task in the field, should the need arise.

Good Luck.
like i said we are ALL ears

BTW,,,at WWW we modify the bead 4-5 inches at the valve stem,,,not that it matters,,,as long as YOU know where it was modified,,,i believe this is a win -win scenario,,,opitimal tire retention with a built in bead-breaking spot

we only remove the full bead for racers doing enduros who are more concerned with getting the tires fixed ASAP,,,and/or riders who demand it

the larger safety bead on these big bikes DOESADD a measure of incresaed insurance of having the tire break off the bead,,,i've read and heard of accounts of riders going many miles on flats allbeit at reduced there is something to be said for BIG FAT safety beads,,,til ya try to change the tube that is
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