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Hopefully I will be able to get a picture to post.

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5, did the motocross starting as a teenager, then moved to off-road racing around 24, then on to trials riding at 35. I had a few years of road riding in my early 20ís, but off-road is what I have always moved to.

I currently have a Kawasaki KDX 220 for long survival woods riding and my wife rides it, a YZ250 for dessert and racing, a Montesa Cota trials bike, and now my Husky TE 610.

The YZ is wearing me out, so Iíve been thinking of replacing it with a TE 250, but after a recent ride into unforgiving single track on the TE 610, Iím now leaning towards the TE 510. The torque of the 610 was great!

Most of my riding on the 610 is street, interstate, back roads, and in town, with not enough dirt riding.

About my 610, I havenít done much yet; I have the PMB rack with all options, and the Cycra pro-bend bark busters. I have a Utah skid plate coming and my local Husky dealer (Moto Tech) has a variable ignition coming that we are going to test on my bike. I have access to a dyno, so if I can swing it Iíll do some before and after runs on it. I have squeaked 2k miles out of the stock tires and they are shot! I am planning on putting the Dunlopís on soon. I felt the stock tires were okay on the road, okay at low speeds in the dry slick and rocks, but lethal to the rider in any wet dirt conditions. I also am trying to stop riding the bike long enough to cut the catalytic converter out.

I have a line on a local guy that does the seat modifications. I have ridden a couple of bikes with his work and they are both very nice. One seat had been worked over and was a little fat for my liking; the other didnít change much from stock but was much more comfortable. It sounds like he charges about $100, I think Iím going to have him work my TE seat over this fall, and then Iíll get a picture posted.

My take on the ignition, the glitch that we all have is due to the stock ignition map. My dealer is putting this in as warranty issue on my bike, maybe if we all do Husky will be more inclined to come up with a fix. My understanding is unplugging the TPS allows the bike to run blind and not see this, but I donít like that fix since if the bike was designed to run a certain way then it should run that way. The spark plug swap should only reduce the problem, not really fix it.

Donít get me wrong, I am enjoying this bike 110% and Iím glad I didnít buy any other DS, so donít take my opinion on the ignition issue as regret. I have been a Yamaha rider for 24 years and never really considered anything else. This 610 is making me a Husky believer!

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