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Thanks LD, you are the man.

Does it restrict motion or get in the way at all? How about on the shoulders, can you get into a tuck at all while wearing it? Do the shoulder pieces in your jacket still fit properly when worn underneath? What about wearing it over the top of tighter-fitting stuff?

I've been back and forth with Davies O'Dell recently regarding their new Forcefiled rib/torso piece, and they have had some serious questions about the ergonomics of such equipment and manufacturing something they consider wearable and apporpriate for motorcyclists while still trying to meet the most apporpriate levels of force transmssion for the ribs/chest. I've brought up the Beta2000 standard requirements, as well as the simple CE levels with them, and they have now apparently hired-on Paul Varnsverry to consult about it. Right now they say their new front torso protector only provides down to 15.8kN at the 50J CE 16212-2 impact energy level, and they are obviously hitting the limits with that, because they're trying the approach that the CE testing provides more severe conditions due to the bars and anvils used which are not flexible like the human rib cage from which the levels of force in the medical research have been extrapolated from. So, basically they are trying to justify not being able to meet the stricter levels of EN1621-2 or BETA Level 3, of the thicker/bulkier horse riders protectors as of right now. However, they are trying, and are aware of the fact that more of the mc riding community is more aware of these concerns and prefomance values. Varnsverry seems legitiamte in his expertise, but his new relationship with T-Pro may not allow him to be forthright in regards to that particular product or issues anymore. I'm glad to see them seeking outside consult from the leading expert in the filed, but I am a bit disappointed that he now seems to be under obligation to defend there moves, regardless of whether they are entriely correct at this point. We shall see how it all pans out. Hopefully there wil lbe one more feasible option in the T-Pro piece soon, and perhaps it will be an even more ergonomically functional piece in the end.

One other thing to note from the pics is that the Knox CE backpad from your riding jacket is not an EN1621-2 piece, but a 1621-1 piece, so the size requirments have likely been completely ignored by that piece as a proper motorcyclist back protector marked to EN1621-2(level 1 or 2), as well as the stricter force transmssion requirements for that standard. It looks entriely too small to pass EN1621-2 in any size garment, except maybe XXS.

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