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Originally Posted by ldbandit76
Nope. You're the one who looked up all the standards, argued ad nauseam about the numbers, and actually found the piece. I just spent the money.

I've had the vest two days. I have not ridden in it yet. So I can't give that kind of a review yet.

The plan is that it'll be mostly for off-road stuff. I fall down a lot more (a whole lot more) when I'm in the dirt, so protection is a bigger issue there. If it fits properly, I may use the Esprit to replace my old Knox back protector for track days and such. I'll have to see how it works with my leather and/or kevlar jackets.

I consider the vest overkill for street riding, too much stuff to put on and take off, since I need a jacket over it anyway. It'd work under the Darien, I'm sure. I'm just not going to do that.

I'll be spending several days in it at the end of the month. I'll follow up.


Right on. I agree about the convenience factor, but that goes for any and all options in my opinion. I actually like the idea of more of a one-piece vest, or something that does more with less peices, rather than seperate back piece and seperate chest piece,/ rib piece, etc. Of course, all that nonsense could be solved if mc clothing manufacturers got on the ball about incorporating real protective solutions like this in their garment first and foremost.
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