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Originally Posted by ALMONDOG
Nobody Needs A 100 hp Dirtbike.....snip.......
As an isolated statement, you are absolutely correct. There is no need for a 100 horsepower dirtbike. However, some of us have worked our asses off for many years, and now can afford stuff that we don't need. What is wrong with that? If you are jealous, then work your own ass off for a few years, then buy what you want.

I personally know that I don't need any motorcycles at all. They are dangerous, go too fast, and provide entirely too much of an adrenaline rush and endorphins. No one needs to be that happy.

The SuperEnduro, though, is actually a very utilitarian vehicle. It can cruise a highway for hours (with gas stops every 100 miles!), then slip off onto a nice dirt road if you come across one. Now, isn't that the essence of Adventure touring?

I have experience racing a honda 929 at the race track. Talk about overkill. Less then 400 lbs. and 135 horsepower. Put 30,000 miles on that bike, so I have a little experience with fast. You can never have enough horsepower.

By the way, this KTM SuperEnduro is the most fun bike anyone who doesn't need one can have. That simple.

later, barry
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