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I just put the first 2 miles on my Vapor. Installed it on my XR650R which is plated, but had no speedo because the seller kept the Endurance he had on it. So I at least had a magnet in the front disc and the hole for the speedo sensor already drilled. Rest was not so hard to do. Battery hooked up, then the 10 wraps around the Spark plug wire, held in place with a zip tie. Then I used a 2mm think aluminum plate from an old electronics box project and built me a nice mount for the unit. Rock solid. Gotta take some pix I guess, otherwise I'll never hear the screams of "useless post without pix"

The radiator deal was more involved, though:

Since I wanted to change coolant to engine ice anyway, I flushed the system with distilled water a few times. Then I cut the hose for the senor T-unit and realized it's too small for the hose size. Read about this in another thread so it didn't come as a big surprise. Some Teflon plumber's tape to build up the plastic sensor T unit to the rescue, but then the hose clamps they sent didn't even fit over the hose. Trip to Autozone and $4 later I had two clamps that fit.

Filled the thing with Engine Ice, checked for leaks, checked coolant level, all ok. Get bike off the stand, get gear, hop on and put the first 2.4 miles on the unit. Coolant is at 132 F right now, half an hour after the run.

What I can't figure out is how to use the Stop Watch on the unit, but luckily that is the least imortant feature. Everything else seems to work fine.

For $100, this is a pretty darn nice unit, and I don't think it's a trail tool. They sell a different uniti for that called the Lynx ( which has remote start stop buttons for lap timing, etc. I bought the Vapor because it lets me monitor the XR's coolant temp and beyond that provides basic speed and distance info.

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