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TDM900 mods

Hi Woody,
I have a TDM900 and I would like to make it mode Adventure...
The stock rims are 3.5x18 and 5.0x17:
I have the following options:
1. change the front rim for an Yam cast 3.5x17 and fit Pirelli MT60RS 120/70 and 160/60
2. change the front and rear for Yam cast 3.5x17 and 5.5x17 and use Dunlop D616 (Uly stock tires)
3. move to spoke rims...

My questions to are:
what do you recomend from your knowlage? (sizes, hub/rim brands, tires)
did you ever modify an Yam R1/R6/TDM?


Paulo Sousa
02' TDM900
'71 BSA B25SS
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