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Originally Posted by Svendura
But.... it's funny :-)

I don't want to hurt anybody. We've got our share of fat people here in
Germany as well. Got this from an US website, though.

Svendura: Is that you on the left?

It's sad that in this day and age of freedom of speech one has to disclaim EVERYTHING they say as 'no harm intended'... Is that still freedom of speech? Dunno...

My wife (being from the states) had a reverse culture shock after we moved back from Europe to the states: "My god there are a lot of fat people here!" She hadn't noticed it until faced with the huge difference in appearance (pun intended...) Unfortunately the trend is changing to be the same in Europe with more and more people living off of fast food... Like bavarian said: huge portions, cheap, no taste...

I wonder what the reaction would be to a certain Marius Mueller-Westernhagen song if it came out now as opposed to when it did (20 years ago?)...
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