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Originally Posted by Andrek
Hi, r1200gs 2006, 700km still running it in, my first BMW motorcycle.
Traveling home I got stuck in heavy traffic, the motor overheated and low oil pressure indicator. After leaving the motorway and picking up some speed again all return to normal.
Now my question: is this normal for the GS to overheat when standing still or slow moving in heavy traffic, is this because of the air cooled motor?
Thank, Andre
It is normal. Just learn the fine art of filtering, then explain to the police that due to the fact you have a air cooled bike, you must do this. If you can't filter then pull over and let it cool down and join traffic again. It doesn't take all that long for it to cool down. If your low oil pressure light is coming on you might want to consider a thicker viscosity oil to help maintain oil pressure.
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