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That 525 setup is weird. +1 on the oil line comment, but it also looks like the water pump may be driven off it as well (looks like a bigger water pump where the stock one goes- end of cam). I wish there were a few more pics from other angles.

The oiling issue seems weird. Do they need a pump to push oil up into a cooler? It looks like a line runs up high in front of the rads... Makes me wonder- would a high pressure oil pump up there cause trouble by putting extra pressure upstream of the sump oil pumps? Hmmm.

I agree that it could be to get more oil into the topend. Don't the RFS engines use the camchain to "sling" oil into the topend? Maybe they use that to get some more up there....
Either way- very interesting.

Also noticed right away that this wasn't AMA. Bolts and chains on the tires = not such a good idea. There is a reason the AMA outlaws this. What happens when that 6 oz huge bolt flies out of that rear paddle at 125mph? Or even worse, the 5 lb set of chains breaks and/or is thrown. Probably more likely for a bolt to fly... Dangerous shite either way.

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