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I think one of the best mods for the money was bar end vibration dampers. made a huge difference on the highway. Combined with a windshield-ectomy, it made high speed cruising infinately more tolerable.

Knobs for the dirty stuff - They do better on the pavement than street tires to in the dirt. I got Kendas. me likes'em

Supertrapp exhaust - I like the reduced weight more than the "increased" power. I think it is just an increase in noise. It is about time to repack them anyway.

Progressive springs - I don't weigh a real lot but they do make a difference. Not the first thing that needs to be done but if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, why not?

Next I am going to do a Trailtech Vapor dashboard and HID lights.

I believe the fork brace can do as much harm as good. I understand that it will definately change the handling of the bike, but I am not convinced that a KLR with stiffer forks is a better KLR. I would like to hear more opinions on this matter as I haven't ridden a KLR with the brace. Maybe I will fork(no pun intended) out the money just for an experiment.
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