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Mods to my '00 so far . . .

At one point I was gonna add up the cost of all the stuff I've put on the bike but gave it up as a bad idea! It pleases me, to Hell with the cost!

Installed Stuff:

Doohickey - If there's only one must do(o)
De-Kalifornication - Yeah, it's one of those
Carb vent T-mod
Twinair filter
14T CS sprocket
"Safety" interlocks neutered
ProTaper SE ATV High bars
Anti-vibe grips (brand unk)
Maier hand guards w/shields
Mirror/choke relocater thingy
Touratech GPS mount (yeah, Super-Bling, but nifty as hell)
Garmin V hardwired
Skid plate, Moose
Ubiquitous Tool Toobie
Fender bag - might stay, might not
LoPro magnetic oil plug
Footpegs, Moose
Footpeg mounts, Rick Danger
Brake pedal mount
Rear brake master cyl guard
Subframe bolt upgrade
Moose shifter
DS RadGuard
Lic plate moved, sub-fender flung over the fence
And probably more I don't recall (will update as lucidity allows)

Stuff in boxes waiting to join the party:

Progressive fork springs Larry R's
Gold Valve Cartridge emulators
K9 fork brace
SS brake lines F&R
Galfer brake pads F&R
Sealed bearings F&R
DS self locking NiftyNuts
Fuse relocation/upgrade
Powerlets (2)
IMS 6.6 tank
Complete set '05 tupperware (red, ebay score)
Rimlocks F&R
TKC-80s F&R w/4mm tubes
Misc do-dads which escape memory (update as above)

Goodies yet to order:

Victorinox Stickies
320mm disc super-brake
Hydraulic clutch
HT side racks
HT alum cases
Carrier Deck, brand undecided
Eldon's rear spring
Wolfman tankbag
Misc . . .memory . . .update . . .Yada . . .

Under consideration - Undecided:

Seat - stocker is ~OK . . .Maybe Corbin, maybe Rich's
Staintune - maybe when stocker fails or tweets too loudly
Alternator upgrade

The next major round of upgrades (forks & related) will happen sometime this winter, I'm in no hurry and enjoy the wrenchin' almost as much as the ridin'. Minor things (tires, rimlocks, &tc) will happen on an as needed basis.

This is fun hearing about everbody's bikes & projects. There're some really nicely done rides out there, keep 'em comin'!

Best, Steve
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