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Originally Posted by Lightnin
At my next chain/sprocket renewal I'm going back to a 15t CS sprocket (from a 14t) and drop the final gearing with a 47t rear. Reason; the larger radii of the larger sprockets are easier on the chain due to (hope the physics guys don't laugh too loud) decreased angular velocity.

Your views?
Way over-thinking it. Take care of your chain and sprockets and don't worry about it. I run 15t most times, go to 14t for stuff I know will be tougher, like sand.
2nd gear with a 14 tooth front puts my KLR right in the sweet spot for prolonged deep sand riding.

I've got a load and a half of mods on my bike, I bought the first Big Gun pipe ever sold for the KLR, I had my Dad ship me a Laser ProDuro before they were available in the US.
I have frittered away tons of time and money on my 2 KLRs.

Dust the doohickey, richen up the carb a tad, replace rear subframe and front brake reservoir hardware. Those are what I would call important preventive mods, the rest is all personal preference.

Here's my preference list:

My 00 KLR 650
Modded (cut) Airbox
K&N filter w/ Filterskin
Renthal 666 Desert Bend bars filled with urethane
Vista Cruise Cruise control
Enduro Engineering handguards w/ spoilers
Pro Gel grips
Countdown Roll Chart Holder
K-9 Fork Brace
55/100W HD Headlamp Bulb
Happy Trails Highway pegs
IMS gearshift lever
IMS Pro Series footpegs
RAM mounted eMap GPS
12 v weatherproof cigarette lighter outlet
Progressive Suspension Larry Roessler Series fork Springs
Progressive Suspension 420 Series rear shock
Moose Bash plate (custom ground for access to counterbalancer bolt)
Eagle Machine balancer chain tensioner idler lever
Galfer braided front brake line
Galfer oversized front wave rotor
Russell braided rear brake line
Big Gun head pipe
Laser ProDuro Exhaust can
Wolfman Explorer Tankbag
Kawasaki Tailbag
Aerostich Tank Panniers
DID Gold X-Ring 106 link chain
Custom Nylock chain adjuster nuts
"T" modded carb
Dual Star self-locking axle nuts
Moose fender bag (with MSR rain pants inside)
Kawasaki exhaust luggage protector (broken now)
Walmart Battery of Eternal Charge
Big Cee Ultra Blue rear subframe kit
14T Sunstar front sprocket
Corbin flat seat

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