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KLR clutch mod

I've done a few mods to my bike that no one else seems to have done. One thing I did that everyone seems to like is to modify my clutch arm. ( the one on the engine). I cut the arm in half and added about 3/4" of steel strap in between the two halves. I then welded the piece in and ground the welds down smooth so they can't be seen. I've never had anyone spot the mod without me pointing it out to them. The mod lightens up the clutch feel and is easier to feather on hills and such. I did a simular mod on my Jeep years ago. I welded a extra long bracket on the bell crank to compensate for the heavy clutch. I'm a engineer and a good TIG welder and just can't seem to leave anything well enough alone. I'll try to get a good picture. I bet Gadget Boy is just giddy to see it. If anyone is interested I'd be willing to do the mod for them. I have a spare lever I could mod first and exchange. Ernie
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