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My KtmLR,

I got it as a basically stock '93 with 15k on the clock, which busted off when it was kicked off a cliff by some heinous dick. Broke some plastic, twisted the bars, and scratched it up a bit, but otherwise the bike was fine. Me? I hate cookie cutter bikes, or anything for that matter, and the bricklike aerodynamics of the stock fairing seemed like one of the best places to start.

Yes, that is the stock fender turned fairing. I cut out tabs where the front holes were, heated and bent the plastic till i had two tabs 90 degrees from original. I zapped two 3.5" holes and shoved some $20 driving lights in there. For the top support, i epoxied a strut that connects to my ignition switch case. It's light, and if i do happen to whack it on something the upper strut will break before anything else and it should bend put of the way. I chance breaking the light, but so what, i'll spend another $20 and glue a new set in. I've got lots of room behind the "windhshield" where i can mount some instruments, but so far i've just got my trusty GPS ziptied to my bars. The fender is a Cycra KTM fender given the Krylon Fusion treatment, as with the rest of the plastic. The front fender makes a better fairing thna stock, and i must have lost 15lbs up front getting rid of the stock monstrosity. It cuts the wind better, it doesn't get blown around as much, and i get clean airflow over the top with a minimal bubble over the tank. If i get real low i can get the air to flow over the top of my helmet at 70, but i don't ride that fast. I love having the visibility up front now, while standing i can basically look down at the area around my tire when rockcrawling. I also get a kick out of the cartoonish evil cyclops alien robot head look. When i first mounted it and stood in front, it actually looked disturbing, like it was staring at the silly humans targeted by it's death ray or summat, idk, there''s just something cold and menacing about it, but i think it's pretty damn cool.

No turn signals, i ride mainly offroad and most slab is lonely 2 lane stuff, so i got rid of 'em. On the rare occasion that i have to actually signal my intention to someone i use hand signals.

MSR hi-rise ATV bars, Tusk ATV barkbusters, Decalifornicated, Progressives with 5wt, snorklectomy, extremely high plate, i moved it up and still ripped it off somehow, so now it's wedgedf as far up as i can get it, the inner fender hangs down lower. 14T counter, man i LOVE this thing, makes it a whole different bike. Now at +9000' lofting the front is a reasonable request, with the 15t sometimes it would just mush out even with a bit of clutching, now i can get it up and over ruts, rocks, and other fun stuff.

Sportin' Kenda K270's front and rear. I like 'em, the front walks a bit if you push it on the road but it picks the best lines in sand. The rear could have a bit more bite, but it's got enough that i'll run it till it's dead. I might try the 606 next.

Sealed battery, i replaced lots of non-critical screws with zipties, it's easier to carry 100 zipties than 100 extra bolts and a gallon of loctite, that, and who would steal a bike that had hundreds of ziptie tails hanging off, looking like it was a major structural component?

Another good mod was hydraulic brake switches, get rid of the spring and plastic piece of crap on the rear and the little micro sw up front, it's an easy and cheap mod ($19 each) and no more difficult than doing a brake fluid change.

I'm a minimalist, so not much in the way of farkle, i just keep doin' what needs to be done to the beast to make it at home in mountain dirt. I plan to get the IMS tank, and i'm working on building a rack to carry this to places like this.

I'm leaving around the 12th for a little ride up to Roosville from down in Antelope Wells, so in about a month i'll know what really works and what doesn't.
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