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Originally Posted by R_W
Sideways, negative terminal down. Only use the metal bracket, not the plastic battery cover. You will need to make a 6" extension for that small ground cable, just bullet male and female. I shimmed the side of the box w/ some foam to keep the battery tight.

My only complaint has been tires, the scorpion AT was my least favorite-go figure. I got crap mileage out of them, I like the ST much better as a road tire.

and my un-do's have been windshield, fender, and handguards trying to find the combination that minimizes turbulence and maximizes protecton.

thanks for the input, I'll try it out today and take it for a spin in the mud to see how well it holds up... I have heard lots of complaints about the scorpion A/T's but am going strong on my second set with great on road and reasonable off road traction. Granted personal opinions differ and no tire on the market is a true D/S where traction is great both on and off road... However on a different note I would not put the pipe on if I started over again. The gain in HP is not worth the money, noise or hassle of tinkering with the jets over elevation changes. Furthermore, first gear is not as low as before. I live at 8,000 ft and ride anywhere between 4,500 and 12,000. Can you say hassle?
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