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Is that your head or did your neck throw up?

I like ugly, and i'm ugly too, so the bike works for me. I'll have some more pics soon, maybe some water crossing clips if i can get a chance to edit the footage.

I'm all about function over form, and what it looks like is pretty low on my list of priorities. I'll spend money where it counts, suspension, reliability, crash protection, and save money to put it where it makes a functional difference If i wanted a pretty bike i sure as hell wouldn't have started with the KLR, it's fugly to begin with. Eventually the bike will be all desert camo and i might mount some tool tubes with nosecones and fins, rocket launcher style.

I'm also considering reloacting the coolant tank to possibly make room to shove a normalizing turbo under there, enough to give me 30-31in/hg at high elevation. It gets kind of anemic above 9k.
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