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Originally Posted by Zerodog
The hardest part was finding TDC. I haven't figured out a way to strap my dial indicator on very well so it took a few trys. I know you can do it with a straw but I am a machinist. I want to know within .001". I can't help it!
Man, when it rains it pours!

Too bad you are so meticulous, otherwise you could have just used creeper's " TDCC is where you find it..." how-to in the index. I know you are a machinist, but he really knows valves - for example:

Originally Posted by creeper
... when locating TDC-C for the purposes of valve inspection and adjustment. In a real engine, valves do not open and close at TDC and BDC... they open before and after these reference points to accommodate the realities of pressure and velocity. It is for this reason you must be very near TDC-C to ensure that both intake and exhaust valves are at a complete rest and all valve lash is present and accounted for.
Although he might be indicating that there are times when you would want to more precisely measure TDCC (now? LC4Pilot stated creeper's TDCC guide was adequate for this proceedure.), I got the impression they don't care much about 0.001" ( how many degrees of flywheel rotation?)... well, read his how-to!

From his valve adjustment how-to I found valves do care about 0.001" of travel, and "measuring" that was a learning experience to say the least. You machinists must enjoy it.
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