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Originally Posted by todd83-900t
I apologize, what I meant to write was that I'm interested in using a dial indicator to measure the valve lash, not find TDC. I'm not a fan of feeler gauges, you have to get the angle just right.

Sorry for the distraction.
Why? Is a .001" increment feeler gauge less accurate than your .001" increment dial indicator... which must be in perfect alignment with the arc of the rocker arm to be 100% accurate?
Is your "feel" so suspect that you don't trust your own measurements when using a feeler gauge?
Do you not believe that a .006" feeler gauge is actually .006"?
Are you aware that there is less error in the average feeler gauge blade than in your average dial indicator?

In all truth... what is your rationale for poo poo'ing a feeler gauge in this application?
My intent is not to embarrass you Todd... I want to understand why you would perceive a dial to be a better choice of measuring device in this application...a reason to warrant a far more complicated method with a greater chance for error.

My history is in mechanical and technical education... so what I'm looking for is the logic behind the tool usage.
If you've been mislead, or have an erroneous pre-conceived notion... operating under a misconception so to speak, I'd like to offer some perspective.

So... how's tricks?
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