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Originally Posted by todd83-900t I've done it:)
Nothing will be 100% accurate but I spent 2 nights after work trying to get the right "feel" and I'm just looking for a better way.
Hiya Todd! Yes, you did... luckly for you the right fella was answering. Now let the rest of us take a shot at ya

The first time I tried to use a feeler gauge to measure +/- 0.001" I thought to myself: "There is no way will I get the hang of this." But there I was with my jam nuts loose and no way around it... So, after asking a very smart lil' birdy for some guidance on the use of a feeler gauge, I actually taught myself the feel of +/- 0.001". U can 2.

My process was this: I tightened the gap down until the feeler would not move, then loosened it up until the feeler didn't drag at all and then methodically varied the adjustment throughout that range, experiencing the variability across the range, until I found the "middle" and took that as the correct feel. I was up late that night, but learning takes time. BTW, the entire range was, as I recall, only "two hours" of rotation on the jam nut!

I don't think it's as bad as you think! See Post #92 in Creeper's valve adjustment thread for my whole soap opera.

PS - Zerodog, you started it! I probably shouldn't ask, but why do you think the measurement of TDCC should be so exact, when you don't use a micrometer to measure valve lash?
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