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hey zerodog, sorry to hear about your recent waterpump troubles. looks like i really screwed ya huh? sold you a crap bike and timed it just right for the waterpump to go out, man i'm good. just wait till the sawdust i put in the crankcase stops doing its job, wow what a racket.
oh, and your right about your assumption, 16k miles and the bike has never been opened up to my knowledge past the covers to check valve clearance. it never needed to be.
FYI, i believe everything is original outside of the normal wear parts (brakes, chain & sprockets, tires ect) so i guess you should brace yourself for the things that start to happen with mileage, maybe clutch replacement in the future, i would guess anywhere from next month to a few years.
again man, sorry i sold you a bike w/o telling you the waterpump was gonna go out in a couple thousand miles.
yeah i am being a bit sarcastic but badmouth the bike all you want, i standby the bike being in good shape at its mileage.

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