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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
PS - Zerodog, you started it! I probably shouldn't ask, but why do you think the measurement of TDCC should be so exact, when you don't use a micrometer to measure valve lash?
First off I am doing the water pump so I want the slot in the cam as vertical as possible so the pump comes out easy. So dead nuts TDC gives me that. I have always had bikes that have some kind of marks to line up for finding TDC so I like to be sure of what I am doing.
How on earth do you measure valve lash with a micrometer? A feeler gauge is right on if used correctly too.

Judging by my low coolant and oil color when I got back from picking up the bike I am pretty sure I bought it with this problem. Yeah I left this deal with my ass hurting at bit. I just keep finding stuff wrong. Some of it is basic maintence stuff, some of it is pretty bigtime. What is the epoxy on the back of the motor all about? I just found that one the other day when I found the shock leaking oil. I don't think that came from the factory! And did you ever find the forks pretty hard to align, like the clamps are tweeked a bit? The list goes on and on. Don't get me started. It's not a bad bike I just paid way too much for what I got and what the bike has needed. You don't need to get on here and be sarcastic about it. I have never said anything bad directly about you. Even though I wanted to. I figured that wasn't a cool thing to do. I did buy it. My excitement got the best of me. I learned a lot too....About buying bikes. Everyone has different opinions about maintenance and quality. I ride my motorcycles pretty hard. So I was never expecting a show bike. But when someone tells me, "the bike is tight, needs nothing, is a 9 out of 10", that is what I was expecting. Not a long list of stuff the bike needs in the very near future. So whatever....

Hey, anyone have a set of 640 triple clamps they want to get rid of?
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