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i dont want this to be a big pissing contest. i appreciate you not dragging our differences out and i should do the same, sorry for the sarcastic comments.
i dont know about the epoxy, the bike didnt leak anything anywhere when i owned it so i never noticed epoxy. remember i only owned the bike about 6 months before i sold it to you and in that time i never had any issues. i dont know about the triple clamps, but now that you mention it it didnt seem as stable as i thought it would be when i took both hands off the wheel, i chocked it up to head angle and i guess that shows my ignorance in such matters. the only coolant leak, or low coolant i ever noticed was after it puked some when i was stuck in traffic on a very hot day. topped it off and didnt have any issues, or milky oil or anything that would indicate a blown water pump seal. you seem to be much more detailed than i am about bikes, so when i said it was tight and needed nothing, i meant it. i had a good expierence on the bike and i only hope you can too despite the flaws you keep finding.
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