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well shit. I measured twice and still drilled the damn thing wrong on one side. I was in to big of hurry I guess. After I marked where the holes go I used the tip of a knife blade and twisted back and forth just a touch in the center of the mark to "scribe" the hole. After drilling the first one, I started on the second hole where a little piece of drilling was...I thought it was the scribe. Now I have a durn hole where there should be no hole. @$%&*!! Guess I'll stick a rubber plug in there....or mabey a fookin flower stem or sumthin...
now as far as the the function goes...I like it! I rode 200 miles in wind and no wind, both directions, and could tell a big difference. I left late in the afternoon without a clear visor and didn't get back untill after dark, so I rode with my tinted visor up. Never once did it blow down.
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