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Originally Posted by durtrider
well shit. I measured twice and still drilled the damn thing wrong on one side. I was in to big of hurry I guess. After I marked where the holes go I used the tip of a knife blade and twisted back and forth just a touch in the center of the mark to "scribe" the hole. After drilling the first one, I started on the second hole where a little piece of drilling was...I thought it was the scribe. Now I have a durn hole where there should be no hole. @$%&*!!
At the risk of telling you what you should have done after the event....

What you should have done was to cover the surfaces on which you were going to mount the winglets with masking tape > place each winglet in the desired location > mark through the mounting holes in the winglets with a pen onto the masking tape > drill small pilot hole through the masking tape > remove masking tape and drill correct size hole in the pilot hole > result
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