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Originally Posted by cobalt60
Ok, yes a KLR will cost you less....but ther are so many accessories and extras it will potentially cost you more...So Why a KLR?? In my experiences most KLR riders are cheap, but are also tinkerers and do it your selfers. Yes you could buy a KTM adventure, but you would have no money left over for extras like luggage, pipes, guards, etc....

A KLR rider buys the KLR, can afford the initial price or payment, but will...over time...accumulate aftermarket parts and occupy his or her spare time modifying or installing the items. This activity is a stress reliever and emotionally satisfying to the typical KLR owner. Much like Harley riders constantly install new parts and gadgets, KLR riders constantly buy new parts and accessories to suit their riding styles. We are enthusiasts, just on a budget and can't afford it all at one time!! It is fun getting to know your motorcycle on an intimate basis. KLRs allow the fun of Harley accessorizing, the thrill of BMW adventure touring and the youthfullness of dirtbiking all in one bike. At least thats why I have mine!!
Dang Cobalt, Such eloquence! I'm considering my first dual sport and after reading this post and all these pages I'm even more enclined to join the KLR brethren! Good posting, guys. Mark H.
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