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PD Bars

Originally Posted by KLRific
Did you put the nerf bars on as well?
Any problems to report with them?
I was so busy with my calculator, I forgot to tell you my feelings about the "best mod" I have so far.

That would have to be the PD bars from HT. They bolted right on without too much fanfare. And, I've "tested" their durability on several occasions. Very strong construction and I think they've saved me their cost in other body parts (radiator, fan, etc.).

I did have one lower mounting tab break where they attach to the highway bars. Like I said, I've used 'em! Happy Trails paid for shipping to and from their shop and had them back to me in a few days - no charge. They advised that in the future, I shouldn't torque down the mounting bolts on the highway bars. Just tighten them down until they are flush. The nylock nuts should keep them from backing out. Following their directions, I've had no more problems despite continued "durability testing" on my part.

I'd get 'em off the garage floor and onto your bike. You know, just in case?
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