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Originally Posted by Effervescent
I think these turkeys might have lost my order as well. They haven't returned my email either.

You are killing us with that teaser.

Call them: 970-482-0767 or 1-800-498-0767. They had mine sitting in a box back in the store or something; it never shipped until I called. Get someone on the phone and keep them there until they find it or ship you a new one. Sorry about that. Maybe it's worth paying another $10 at a more reliable dealer. It's also available here:

and here:

I'll fill in the teaser in my ride report, but I'll add a bit about the vest:

- Cooling: It does flow air, and doesn't feel hot or sticky, at least in the moderate tempratures we rode in (50-75 F). It's warmer than just a t-shirt, of course, but not so warm as anything that fits right against the skin. I'm considering adding holes, as mentioned, but haven't seen a need yet. Maybe when it gets warmer.

- Fit and comfort: It's hardly noticable when riding. Despite its stiffness and considerable thickness, it's not very heavy at all. It allows full forward bend at the waist and doesn't obstruct any motion of the arms or head. It fit fine under my mesh jacket.

- Durability: I took a good slam on the thing, and both dad and I had several lesser falls. No obvious damage. Granted, it was under our jackets, so abrasion was a non-issue.

- Crash feel: It's odd how well this thing works. Falls that would leave you sore in spots feel like rolling on a thick gym mat or something. Slams that would otherwise hurt a lot just feel like a push. It's the difference between punching a heavy bag and hitting a brick wall; both hit hard, but one doesn't hurt.

A rider we met saw my dad's vest hanging from his bars at a stop, and asked what the "bulletproof vest" was. He seemed interested by the thing; "I could have used this a couple years ago" when he broke some ribs. He was impressed by how light it was.

Dad and I like them. Though we're both big fans of protection, we're also willing to shelve stuff that doesn't work the way we want it to. But when the MX helmets come out, so will these vests.


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