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Well, I said I'd report back after trying various things, and I'm glad to say that tyre changes are no longer a problem!

No matter how much I tried, and soaking the thing in WD40, there was no way that the bead was going to break using the sidestand. To initially break the bead it took 4 (yes, Four) G-Clamps.

Tyre off, my first surprise was that the bead was only 2.2mm high! I was expecting at least 3 times that! Used a bench grinder to reduce the bead to about 1mm on each side for a length of about 5inch.

After refitting, I still couldn't get it to break the bead with the sidestand although it only took 2 G-Clamps this time - I probably could have managed with 1 but couldn't be bothered struggling too much. I didn't want to remove the bead altogether unless I really had to, so refitted the tyre and decided to try again later.

By this time I'd run out of WD40 so tried Washing Up liquid instead. Using sidestand, POP!, immediately broke the bead, easily. I guess washing up liquid is much more slippery.

I know Washing Up liquid is not the best of things for alloy but this is for emergencies only and will, hopefully, only be used once every few years.
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