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Originally Posted by laramie LC4
oops, now for the suspension questions,

1) how do you guys torque the valves on the bottom of the forks to 25nm? i got one by slightly pulling down on the piston but the other fork just spins. i dont want to bend the piston trying to torque the valve.

2) when measuring the fork oil level, you measure 25mm from the top of the "4 holes", or roughly 35mm from the top of the outer tube?

3) when reinstalling the springs, what is the trick to getting the rebound cap back on. i remember this being a bitch the last time i changed the oil and dont remember how i got around it.

thanks, im having some issues and want to ride tomorrow so your help is appreciated. ive done this before but im frankly not to sure if i did the measurements correct. i wanted to stiffen the front so i added an additional 10mm on the last service. my problem is i think i measured from the top of the fork because when i checked the level today i was way over.


1) With the caps off and the springs out, you can put a little side pressure on the damper assembly at the top, which will wedge it in place and let you torque the base valve (this is right out of the fork manual). Or, but the spring in and the cap back on, flip the fork upside down, put the axle through the bottom lug to use as a handle, and push down on the fork while you tighten. The spring tension will hold everything in place. I put a socket on the fork cap (I think it's a 24?) to protect the rebound knob.

2) Measure the fork oil level from the top of the inner fork tube. I'm not sure what the standard level is for the 43's, but I'm thinking 150mm from the top.

3) I hold the spring buffer by sticking my finger through the spring, then turning the spring like a bolt, so my finger lifts the spring buffer up to the where I can grab the top of the damper assembly.

I hope that made sense.

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