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Originally Posted by Stobie
1)Or, but the spring in and the cap back on, flip the fork upside down, put the axle through the bottom lug to use as a handle, and push down on the fork while you tighten. The spring tension will hold everything in place. I put a socket on the fork cap (I think it's a 24?) to protect the rebound knob.
can you do this once the fork is back in the triple clamps and everything is back together?

2) Measure the fork oil level from the top of the inner fork tube. I'm not sure what the standard level is for the 43's, but I'm thinking 150mm from the top.
from the WP manual, "Now compress the piston-rod and outer-tube fully down, and fill the forkleg with oil till about 25mm under the 4 holes of the inner-tube. Move the piston-rod and the outer-tube at the same time several times up and down over the entire stroke. Push the piston-rod and outer-tube fully down and adjust the oil level (airchamber) with T137S."

so its definetly not 150mm, i just wish they would make this easy and say, " its this far down from the top of tube. whats this 4 holes down crap? can you measure the 2 and give us a real, useful number?

3) I hold the spring buffer by sticking my finger through the spring, then turning the spring like a bolt, so my finger lifts the spring buffer up to the where I can grab the top of the damper assembly.
even with the inner piston fully extended it doesnt come close to reaching the top of the spring. id have to reach down, between the coils and grab it, and then getting the cap on would require me compressing the springs considerably which always causes the inner tube to fall back in. its kinda like chasing your tail. plus i dont know how small your hands/fingers are, but mine dont fit and then cover them with fork oil and its a lost cause.....

thanks for the input, ill keep trying but its not looking good for tomorrow.


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