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I got an email notice that you had more questions, but I couldn't get back on the site for some reason. Had I thought about it, I would have PM'd you through KTMtalk.

can you do this once the fork is back in the triple clamps and everything is back together?
Run a tie-down from one side of the handlebar, through the wheel, then to the other side of the handlebar, and cinch it down to compress the forks a little.

from the WP manual, "Now compress the piston-rod and outer-tube fully down, and fill the forkleg with oil till about 25mm under the 4 holes of the inner-tube. Move the piston-rod and the outer-tube at the same time several times up and down over the entire stroke.
This is just the initial fill-and-purge. The "25mm under the 4 holes" thing just gives you enough oil in the fork to do the second step, "Move the piston-rod and the outer-tube at the same time...", which just purges all the air from the damper assembly.

The next step,

Push the piston-rod and outer-tube fully down and adjust the oil level (airchamber) with T137S.
is where you set the oil level to 150mm or whatever. The stock level is listed in your owner's manual, in a table toward the back where all the stock suspension settings are listed. I don't have it in front of me, but I think they actually call it "Fork Oil Level", and it's measured from the top of the inner tube, although they don't tell you that part. For my bike with the 48's, it's 120mm.

even with the inner piston fully extended it doesnt come close to reaching the top of the spring
Are these the stock springs? It sounds like they are too long. If the piston rod doesn't come close to reaching the top of the spring, you're putting hella preload on the spring when you re-install the fork cap. Preload numbers are usually in the mid-single digit millimeters. If the springs are what you typically find for the USD 43's, they are the 520mm long springs used in the RFS bikes. The LC4's have less travel in the front and use shorter springs (485mm for the 48's).

Sorry I couldn't get back to you last night. I hope you get to ride today.

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