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I agree with most of what ITS has to say. I use an API cam tensioner, easier and more reliable than applying the "fix" in my book. The stock setup must be corrected as it simply does not work. If the motor makes an ice crusher type sound at idle the chain tensioner is fubar.

Auto compression release is not really a problem. You just need to make sure the little spring doesn't get snookered when adjusting valves and such. It is the same concept as a centrifugal advance unit in an old distributor.

Doing the valve adjust on this engine is not easy. It is a shim over bucket system and requires removal of both cams if any one of the valves needs a different shim. Takes some doing. Fortunately, they don't go out often. Be careful not to let the engine ever run on when the bike is on its side. Oil starvation on this beast will happen quickly and will cause certain damage to the plain bearings under the cam shafts. Nearly impossible to repair

Be careful about not getting the jetting too rich. I am not a big fan of the CVK carb (same one as the KLR). Converted mine to a 39mm FCR and love it, but it's not a cheap mod. One of the reasons I gave up on the CVK is that mine was tearing diaphragms often while bouncing through rough terrain. Could be that it had a burr or other defect that I never sorted out. Even one incident like this in a remote area tends to sour the spirit. For reference, Harley's use nearly the same carb and many parts are interchangeable and cheaper than the Kawi's.

Not much else to talk about. The gear box, clutch and bottom end are very reliable.

Good luck and do let us know

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