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Originally Posted by Max Kool
Wow nice work, but what does it do, and how well does it do it?
[Regarding bore divider] On the two stroke carb it doesn't do crap. On a flat-slide carb it alters the air velocities, which kinda feels like having a quasi-reduced bore; i.e. it can make a 42mm feel similar to a 40mm at part throttle. On the BST40 it made the off-idle very torquey and responsive, otherwise not much.

I don't know really what it is doing on the CV carb. Maybe it is similar to a weakened spring, in that it allows the slide to move a bit quicker. It got rid of a lazy feeling to the motor at low rpm and gave it more chug. I didn't do a whole lot of jetting changes on that carb. Now that there are some needles available, that's probably what I would try.

Increasing the atomization seems to work well on this motor too. I installed a yost power tube on my 42mm flat-slide and it was noticeable right away. Really cool product. Made it run better. Not available for BST40 though.

Darn, you are making me want to hack up my LC4 again LOL. I was thinking about selling/donating it to make room for a '07 TE510
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