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Brains and Better Living Through Chemistry

Here is a method for breaking the BADDEST bead that requires nothing other than tire irons and chemistry. This method is very simple. It requires very little strength. It requires no heavy bead breakers or SUVs. It uses brain power (something that is apparently sorely lacking in this forum) rather than might. Try it.

Go to your local REAL cage bits place like NAPA or CarQuest or something like that, NOT Kragens or Checker or Autozone. Buy some TIRE MOUNTING LUBRICANT. A gallon will last you a lifetime and should cost between $10 - $20. Pour a little bit into a 2 oz. or four oz. bottle, preferably with a squirt top. An old travel-size contact lens solution bottle works great for this. I got a gallon of Ru-Glyde for $12 a few years back at NAPA.

1) Lay the wheel on its side on the ground or a tarp or your riding jacket.
2) Squirt some Ru-Glyde (or equiv) around the circumference where the tire meets the rim.
3) Stick a tire iron in between the tire and rim. Press the tire iron down so that the fluid can get in there a little deeper.
4) Stick another tire iron between the tire and rim, about three or four inches from the first one. Maintain pressure on the first one while you press the second.
5) Remove the first one and repeat step four above as if the second was the first.
6) After you have gone once around the wheel, add more lubricant.
7) Repeat steps one (1) through five (5) above, two or three times.
8) When bead is free, if you plan to replace the tire, turn the wheel over and repeat for the other bead.

Think about it... all you will need to carry to fix a flat in a tube is a set of tire irons, a tiny squirt bottle and some patches. In the boonies, you won't have to wait for some cell phone yakking soccer mom to come along in her SUV to help you change your tire.
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