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Originally Posted by Flash412
All I know is that I BROKE one of those cast bead breakers trying to remove a rear tire from an F650 that had been in a bit of a fire. It was re-vulcanized and VERY hard. What worked for me in the end is what I posted.

I've probably changed hundreds of tires by hand in my motorcycling career so far. Granted, I've never changed tires on a KTM. But the F650 rear is a guaranteed bitch and a half without Ru-Glyde. Before the F650, all I EVER needed to break a bead on a tube-type tire was my boot heels.

Four rear wheel F650 flats in a day convinced me that Ru-Glyde is my friend and I need nothing but tire irons and Ru-Glyde.

Well, since my last bike was an F650 - btdt - and it was a piece of cake compared to the 950. Literally.
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