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Originally Posted by BlitzBike
Which part is the so called "V-seal"?
It's the odd shaped "seal", #17 between the shifter and the kicker. It' there to keep schmutz out of the "real" seal... #9.
If a bit of schmutz gets thru and into the conventional #9 seal... that's when you spring a leak.
You may be able to clean it out and stop (or reduce) the leak... or it may be too far gone to do any good.

With a dedicated tool, you might be able to get the #9 seal out of the kicker shaft without damaging either one of the shafts. It's something I've been thinking about since I first posted the infamous "last chance" line.

I'm working on a tool shape that one could grind or file into a small, high quality screwdriver to turn it into a seal puller; that would be what I'd try to do if mine was leaking like a sieve... at least before I split the cases.
So... how's tricks?
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