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This section just took the cake! When I rode up on this, my anxiety level went up a big notch. I was so concerned about how to get through this flash flooded section of trail, that I completely ignored my GPS (Garmin 76CSx-great unit!!) which would have told me to turn around and head for higher ground. I waded into the water to find that the first section (20 feet) was knee high and moving fast, while the rest was about one foot deep. Without knobs and being overloaded, I decided to walk the bike through the deep part, which worked until I got stuck about 10 feet out into the water. I knew the Husky had a low air intake, but I started it any way because I was scared the water was going to push me and the bike down. With the bike running, put it in first and slipped the clutch to walk the bike through the deep section. I dropped it going up the far bank, but the bike fell against the side of the bank and was easy to pick up.
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