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I don't have pics of this part.

I decided to ride into the night, which was a very bad idea.
I was in a wilderness preserve when it got dark about an hour earlier than I expected. Oh yeah, it also started raining again and getting misty. At least it wasn't very cold! This was the worst part of my trip. My brain wasn't functioning very well at this point, as I was fatigued, frustrated, and going on very very little sleep. Trying to take a shortcut out of the preserve, I found myself riding in the mud again, but this time in a big circle. Its a bad feeling to almost lose it in the mud, but an even worse one when you do lose it in the mud going back through the same spot, doh!
The Pirelli Scorpion A/T's at about 20 pounds of pressure did a lot better than I expected on ALL the off road stuff. I was really surprised, but still would have preferred knobs for that first day.
No pics, because my brain was dulled. They would have been the coolest pics of the trip as it would have looked scary in the mist with the mud and dark and all.
I made it out of the park and used my GPS to get to the nearest interstate where I could find a hotel room, no camping tonight.
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