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day 2 ... smoother

The next morning, I checked my cell phone to see if there were messages from the Dallas guys, telling me where to meet them, but there were none. I was surprised at this, but my feeling was "oh screw it, I'll have my fun without them... slim cutta him rides alone(Jamaican accent on the last part... don't ask.)" It turned out that the next morning, when I decided to use a land line to check my messages, there were 24 from the Dallas guys who were worried about me. hahaha My phone was just screwed up from the rain, and I was paranoid thinking they were trying to ditch me... damn!
Whooiee dork on parade.
The second day was just great, easy and breezy.
The sun came out, it was mostly gravel roads and blacktop through some gorgeous country.
"It's not a death machine, Mom, it's a LIFE machine" - a motorcyclist
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